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Welcome to “Les (Re)-Découvertes du mois”, our newsletter dedicated to the Médiathèque of the AFMM.

Every month, we shall be bringing you a short review of a selection of books and resources you may get as a member of our Médiathèque, both from our library and from Culturethèque. As a member of the Médiathèque, you will have access to online reading material as well as the possibility to borrow books from our lending library.






















































































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Monday - Friday: 9am - 7pm

You may contact us at or +356 21 22 07 01



Courses Cours

Les Chérubins

For children aged 6 to 10 we offer courses that introduce them to the French language through various activities such as crafts, songs etc. The aim of this course is not to teach grammar rules, but to allow these children a time of fun learning a new language.

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In our adolescent classes, teenagers follow the national curriculum and thus these courses provide thorough practice and revision of what they do at school. Our classes are held in French so the student is automatically exposed to the spoken component of the language.

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Adults seek French tuition for various reasons. Be it fun and leisure, general grammar, conversation or international certification we cater for all interests and needs. Our general French classes offer the adult courses in the French language whereby they revise and learn in an interactive atmosphere.

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